Common Questions

What are the dimensions of the Leaflit?
The Leaflit stands at 48" tall by 30" wide.
How long will it take to set-up my pod?
Set-up is quick. You should be ready to grow in no more than 10-15 minutes.
How many plants can I fit inside the pod?
The pod can hold up to three 2 gallon pots or a single 8 gallon pot.
Does Leaflit use hydroponics?
Nope, we do it the old school way. Soil in a pot. Soil provides essential minerals, microorganisms, and bacteria that is beneficial in growing quality herbs and plants- something hydroponics cannot offer.
Are there any odours when growing?
Included in every unit is 2 replaceable, activated carbon filters. They reduce the smell significantly. We also recommend changing your filters every 6 months to keep your Leaflit fresh.
How much does it cost to run my Leaflit Pod?
Energy consumption is approximately 10-15 cents/day depending on your local energy provider.
How time consuming is it to grow in Leaflit?
After initial setup you should only need to spend a few minutes watering every few days. The automated power bar does the rest. We bet you'll want to sneak a peek much more often though!
Is it safe to run unsupervised for long periods of time?
Absolutely! We designed the Leaflit to be able to run continuously. The unit has been tested and certified by ETL, which is a third party safety certification company that places the unit under stress tests to ensure it is safe for its intended use.
Is there enough room for taller plants?
Yes. We recommend that you try pruning and cropping methods to keep the plant from getting too tall. Doing this also encourages your plant to grow outward- promoting higher yields. 
Does Leaflit emit any light?
The Leaflit was designed to be in your living room, that's why we designed it to make the unit glow. It's a perfect ambient light for all those cozy evenings on the couch. It also looks pretty damn cool!
Does Leaflit come with a warranty?
Absolutely! Your Leaflit comes with a full 1 year warranty. Just let us know your issue and we'll send you a replacement part right away.


Where do you ship to?
We offer shipping to the continental U.S. and Canada.
How long is shipping?
You should receive your very own Leaflit Pod in 10-14 business days after purchase.
Will I get a tracking number?
Yes, you will get a tracking number once your package has been processed for shipping.

Return Policy

Do you accept returns?
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Conditions apply. Please see Return Policy details in the footer menu.