About Us


The story of how Leaflit came to be comes from unexpected beginnings where my intentions were solely to have more control over what my family and I consume and put into our bodies.  For years I was looking for natural remedies for my wife Elli, who had been struggling with the often severe symptoms of Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her chronic pain affected her everyday life, making it challenging to do the simple things like carry our daughter or perform everyday household tasks.

Despite years of different treatments and Big Pharma medications, Elli’s pain continued to interfere with her quality of life.  We decided to investigate other ways of improving her health and were shocked at the positive results of simply consuming pure, home-grown foods and medicinal herbs.  Living in the Pacific Northwest posed some challenges, however, as the climate does not allow for year-round growing of many plants.  

I turned to growing my own plants indoors at home.  I quickly discovered that growing at home didn't have very appealing options either. DIY grow systems were difficult to source and pull together. Grow tents were simply an eye-sore and auto-growing cabinets were far too overpriced.

I discussed my observations with my good friend Marty who had experience in product design and engineering.  His mind instantly started racing and he began to draw the innovative design and renderings for the early versions of Leaflit Pod.  We built our unit and were able to harvest impressive yields on our first grow. 

Months passed and we continued to tinker with that original Leaflit prototype (you know how guys get when they build stuff) and one grow after another my crops became bigger and better quality.  The design, operation, and components of the unit were continuously refined and improved, yielding excellent results. 

The best part was that I knew exactly what was used to grow it.  My plants were vastly superior to what was mass produced for retailers where maximum yield is the ultimate goal using a multitude of chemicals and fertilizers.  A tomato grown in your garden with love and intention will always taste better than the store bought variety; any plant that is eaten or ingested is no different.  Not only that, it quickly became a hobby and was fun to tend to my plants and watch their progress as the days went by.

My wife and I simply wanted to have more control over what we put into our bodies with a grow system that was affordable, easy to use, and in a unit that you didn’t need to hide away in the depths of your home.  The Leaflit Pod was our solution and the output was truly incredible. We felt compelled to make this available to everyone else who shared our values and needs.  Fast forward to today, and the Leaflit Pod is born!

We commit to you that Leaflit Pod:

Know what you grow and have fun in the process!